Custom Camera Heads from

If you are using a mast for taking elevated photographs and video, this mount may meet your needs.

Designed to be remotely controlled, the mount can be adapted to a wide variety of control systems.

Designed for all popular DSLR cameras, from the smaller 4/3 size, APSC, to Full Framers.  Adjustable and/or replaceable mounting plates allow for any combination of camera, lens, and orientation. Even a small point and shoot can be mounted.

Cameras can be mounted in both landscape and portrait orientation.  The ability to mount and control Zoom lenses of any size` and weight was the main goal for this mount.

Its ability to tilt as far as you like and rotate without any limits makes it ideal for aerial panoramas.  The mount's very small footprint allows for looking  straight down if needed.

Installed tilt and pan servos are included as is the spring loaded mast mount adapter.

Zoom bracket, E-switch, LED voltage monitor, wiring extensions and switches can all be preinstalled if requested.

Priced from $350, this mount will not become obsolete because of the constant changes in electronic technologies.  Parts can be replaced, changed, or added from a variety of hobby shops, hardware stores, electronic shops, camera outlets and robot shops.

To ensure proper fit  some info will be needed to custom fit the mount to your needs.

Total weight, less camera, is under 2 pounds.

Wiring, switch, battery, camera control systems, etc. is only limited by your imagination and the ever increasing availability of new components.

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